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A blossary containing the terms related to traditional Serbian cuisine. Note: the blossary does not imply that the dishes presented here originated in Serbia, but that the dishes here are staple of Serbian diet and celebrations.

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Burek is a fast food dish available in many Serbian bakeries. It is generally made in a round pan with layers of flaky dough studded with different fillings (usually meat, cheese, mushrooms or fruit; ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: Fast food

Goulash (gulaš in Serbian) is a meat dish originating from Hungary. It is a thick stew made of different meats (usually beef or pork) with added vegetables in order to make the taste more intense ...

Domain: Culinary arts; Category: Fish, poultry, & meat

Pogacice are a type of puff pastry widely available in Serbian bakeries and traditionally eaten as breakfast. They're typically consumed with yogurt. They're of round shape; square shaped ...

Domain: Baked goods; Category: Pastries

Fisherman's soup (riblja čorba or fiš paprikaš in Serbian) is traditionally eaten in seafood restaurants and during fast days. It is a thick broth with a spicy taste (due to peppers) and lots of ...

Domain: Culinary arts; Category: Fish, poultry, & meat

Kachamak (a very similar dish is called 'cicvara') is Serbian type polenta that is usually eaten for breakfast. Once considered as famine good, it is now served in many restaurants. Kachamak ...

Domain: Culinary arts; Category: Cooking

Bread pudding or 'popara' is a breakfast dish made from stale bread. Bread is cut into cubes and boiled for very short time in milk or water. Salt, kajmak and white cheese are added and ...

Domain: Baked goods; Category: Bread

Proja is Serbian-type cornbread. It is generally made in large pans, but in modern times, cupcake molds are used as well. Proja is an indispensible dish of every Serbian celebration. A fancier type ...

Domain: Baked goods; Category: Bread

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