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Study of human anatomy is the base of all medical research. Invention of medical devices and formulation of life-saving drugs all depend on this area of biological knowledge.

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Autonomic nervous system manages the involuntary activities of smooth muscles, the muscle fibres of internal organs, including the intestines, sweat glands, airways, heart, and blood vessels. The ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Nervous system

Blood is a form of tissue. The average-sized adult has about 10 pints of blood ( called units by blood banks). Almost half the volume of blood consists of cells, including red blood cells ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Cardiovascular

The matrix we call bone is made of inorganic mineral salts, primarily calcium and phosphorous, within a netwrk of callogenous fibers. Bone dominant-cell is an osteocyte, which developed from an ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Skeletal

The white outer surface of the eye is covered by a mucous membrane, whose epithelium is continous with the inner lining of the eyelids but end at the cornea, is termed as conjunctiva. The conjunctiva ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Human body

Diaphragm is a dome-shaped, muscular and membranous structure that separates the thoracic (chest) and abdominal cavities in mammals; it is the principal muscle of respiration. Contraction of the ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Skeletal

Facial nerve is the 7th cranial nerve( there are 12 cranial nerves) and it is the great motor nerve of the head. It innervates all the muscles of facial expression and several other muscles. It ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Nervous system

Hair begins in the dermis layer of the skin and pushes outward. It is made up primarily of protein keratin. Unlike other portions of the body, the hair is only alive at the root, where the sebaceous ...

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Gross anatomy

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