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Study of human anatomy is the base of all medical research. Invention of medical devices and formulation of life-saving drugs all depend on this area of biological knowledge.

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Heart is a pump-four pumps, in fact. Blood from all parts of the body collects in veins and flows to the right atrium and the right ventricle, the two pumps that send blood to the lungs. Blood passes through the lungs, where it is cleansed of carbon dioxide and takes up life-sustaining oxygen. The blood then flows to the final two pumps, the left atrium and the left ventricle. The left ventricle collects newly oxygenated blood and, with a muscular push, sends it to all parts of the body.

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Cardiovascular

心其实是泵四泵。从身体的所有部位的血液在血管中收集并流向右心房和右心室,把血液送到肺部的这两种泵。血液通过的肺部,在那里它洁净的二氧化碳和占用了维持生命的氧气。到最后的两个泵、 左的心房和左的心室然后流着血。左的心室收集新氧合的血,和肌肉一推,将其发送到身体的所有部位。

Domain: Anatomy; Category: Cardiovascular

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