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During the early and mid-1960s after the Cultural Revolution, Mao and a group of radical intellectuals gradually developed a new paradigm of socialist development, radical Maoism. Institutions and ...

Domain: Philosophy; Politics; Category: Political philosophy; Political theory

The dual-track economic system is the most characteristic element of the pattern of China's economic reform implemented by Deng XIaoping. His outward-looking policy had opened the economy to the ...

Domain: Economy; Category: Economics

In the mid-1950s, Mao stated should concentrate on agriculture and light industry, which were more appropriate for an underdeveloped county like China. In terms of political and economic ...

Domain: Politics; Philosophy; Category: Political theory; Political philosophy

"Township and village enterprises"(TVEs) is a term that describes businesses either controlled by township and villages or located in townships and villages. In the 1980s and the early part of the ...

Domain: Government; Category: Government & politics

Sinomania describes the variety of changes in attitude towards China's transformation a feeling of enthusiasm with new elements of awe to fear and anxiety in the 21st century. Sinomania exaggerates ...

Domain: Sociology; Category: General sociology

One Child Policy, which is to encourage one-child families, is introduced to relieve economic, social, and environment problems through the population control policy in 1980s, from an article . This ...

Domain: Politics; Category: General politics

Mao is recognized as the charismatic supreme leader who attained power at the Seventh Congress of the CCP in 1945. He was the great Father of the Revolution who conducted largely practical in the ...

Domain: People; Category: Politicians; Militants

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