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Chai Jing

Chai Jing (Chinese: 柴静; pinyin: Chái Jìng; born on January 1, 1976) in Linfen, Shanxi Province in Northern China, is a Chinese journalist, host, author and environmental activist.

When she was 15 years old, Chai attended the Changsha Railway Institute in Changsha, Hunan Province, majoring in accounting. At that time, she wrote a letter to a famous host at a local radio station, saying: "Could you help me to fulfil my dream?" The host contacted her straight away to have an interview and she was hired to work on the program. After graduation, in 1994, she hosted Gentle Moonlight (夜色温柔) at Hunan Arts Radio. After four years, in 1998, she went to Beijing Broadcasting Institute to specialise in television communications. During that time she also hosted New Youth(新青年)at Hunan TV. In 2001, she became a host and reporter of Horizon Connection (东方时空•时空连线)at CCTV. In 2003, she became an investigative journalist during the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) crisis, risking her life. In 2009, she left investigative journalism and anchored for 24 Hours(24小时) and hosted One on One (面对面) at News Channel. In 2011, she and became one of the hosts of the weekend edition of Seeing (看见).

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