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Venezuelan cuisine has had a wave of immigration from 1800. Immigrants from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal recipes has influences in the Venezuelan cuisine. However, Venezuelan foods also have developed their own unique tastes and styles. You’ll find many Venezuelan dishes with beef, deer, goat, rabbit, lamb or chicken as well.

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The Arepa is a dish made from ground corn dough or flour of folk precooked corn in the cuisines of Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela. The Arepa is a typical Venezuelan dish par excellence by the ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

The exquisite combination of shredded beef, white rice and fried plantains makes this dish is unbeatable, especially if you also accompanied him with corn bread, other food characteristic of my ...

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Hallaca is part of the traditional Venezuelan Cuisine. This dish is special on Christmas or New Year. (December). This typical Venezuelan cuisine is like tamales prepared with corn dough and various ...

Domain: Food (other); Category: International dishes

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