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China is the hometown of tea. Chinese tea culture is a combination of tea art and spirit. Classification of tea: Green tea, Black tea, Yellow tea, White tea, Dark tea, Oolong tea, Scented tea

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China is not only the home of the tea tree, but also the first country in the world to have discovered the use of its leaves.Shen Nong is believed to be the legendary discoverer and cultivator of tea ...

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Lu Yu wrote the Canon of Tea in the Tang Dynasty about the year780. This is the first book about tea. So Lu Yu is known as the Tea saint.

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Written by Lu Yu in about the year of 780 is the world’s first book on tea. The book is detailed account on how to grow, prepare and drink tea as well as on the classification of tea, studies of tea ...

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Someone believe that the tea plant is not indigenous to China, and is said it have been brought to China by Da Mo-Bodhidharma, in the 6th century and by the 9th century it was in general use as a ...

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The time for sowing tea seeds is in September. The best tea generally grows in the high mountain peaks, the water quality, the fertile soil and abundant sunshine, where fogs and snow prevail, which ...

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In manufacturing high-grade tea, the leaves should be plucked separately according to whether they are buds or leaves. The leaves are slightly dried in the sun in order to get rid of the watery ...

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On one hand, tea drinking began in China and became an integral part of Chinese life and in other Asian countries such as Indian, Japan and Korea. The culture that grew up around it from the third ...

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