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The temporary possession or occupancy of property that belongs to another. It also refers to the period of a tenant's possession.

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

A lease that is given by a tenant of part or all of the leased premises, to another person for a period shorter than the original lease, while still retaining some interest.

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

An inspection carried out to establish whether any legal restraints, planning applications or aspects of legal ownership might affect the purchase of a property. Solicitors will look into land ...

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

To take possession again of a property or goods after non-payment of money owed. This might follow a court order.

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

For a tenant to move out of rented premises.

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

A building or part of a building usually including the adjacent grounds.

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

A wall that divides two separate premises, which is the joint responsibility of both owners.

Domain: Law; Category: Contracts

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