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We live in a difficult world. All we have is our job, problems, bills and unfulfilled dreams. Every of us at least once in his life wants to see the real magic...No, I am not talking about physic or chemistry experiment....but the magic. When you see a magic trick and you can't believe in in. But even when you already saw it you don't want to find how it was done you just want to watch it one more time. I suggest you to check the list of most dangerous tricks in the world.

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Everyone has seen or at least heard of a magician sawing a woman in half, and everyone has their own little theory on how it works, but the truth is that the methods of this trick vary considerably ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Circus

The most dangerous magic trick ever performed is undoubtedly the Fabled Bullet Catch. This fatal trick has claimed the lives of many magicians, assistants, spectators, and wounded countless others ...

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Circus

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