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Yes it is all about prayer that i want talk about .All what i a trying to share with you is not about research but i had a divine encounter with the lord one night and He said a lot to me on prayer.Although the message is for everybody,when you read this message finished you will only yours from it. After i had the encounter,my whole life changed,my thinking,my relationship with him become strong through this revelation ,and i could not hold myself ,so i have to reveal it and share it with others,because it is not for only me. i will say is not by accident ,you are reading this ,but it has a purpose ,so i will like you to use this very opportunity ,that your precious time to read through this and act on it. WHY WE PRAY First ,let me tell you what prayer is :prayer is what bind;is what loose;is what build;is what opens;is what protects;is what transform.And if i get it right ,everybody want all what i said now ,because we want to bind every activity of Satan in our life ,we want to loose every grip of Satan ,we want to build our life ,weather spiritually or physically ,our destiny,we want to open every door of success that was closed,we need protection more than anyone else,and we need changes in our life. Now have you seen why we must pray ?you can not pray for God ;but you pray to God .for yourself or others and the moment you decided to follow God ,you are Satan enemy and you know that no one fights his/her friend /they only fight there enemy,the person who disturb them.So when Satan look around and search he does not find anybody .he will face his next enemy and strike him/her.have you seen why you must pray again?only one child of God is giving thousand problem to Satan,so before you mature enough to disturb him he tried all different ways to mislead the fellow so that he/she will not be what God want him/her to be. HOW TO PRAY The book of [mark 11:24] have said it all,on how to pray ,you have been hearing this quotation before ,but i will like to draw back your attention ,is very important to know how to pray. It is only three steps,,, which says 1………..whatsoever you desire 2………..pray 3………..believe that you receive them These three steps is very important and people always do one step out of it,which is step 2 and forget to apply step 1 and 3 to conclude there request…You know not that you must have a desire before you pray and after you pray,you must believe that is able[GOD]and capable to give it to you. WHAT TO PRAY [THESSALONIANS 5 :17]says we should pray without ceasing,whatsoever that is bordering you,disturbing you or your labour ,stand up and pray .whatsoever it s .so what to pray depends on what situation you are ,your situation will define your prayer point. Do not think how your prayer sound;rather think about how the answer to your prayer will change your life. The lord said to me ,i gave hm chance to relax,he said every time you stand up and pray,i God have a work to do,he said if you pray 10 times a day,i have work to do 10 times for you and the most amazing part of it is that ,he said if if i pray 1000 times ,he will answer me 1000 times,what a privilege the lord has given to me and you…………. what a great honor for those who exalt God… QUOTATION 1…. Prayer changes us,but faith change things……..by TB JOSHUA 2…. We pray to attempt to achieve ,but we apply faith to achieve……….by ADEBODUN JOSHUA…………..[THE WRITER]. I will appreciate it,if you can like our facebook fan page and share this message with your friends……… lots love adebodun joshua I will be happy if you can join and like our facebook fan page,and connect yourself...................click here http://facebook.com/dgrea8 and please your comment is welcome

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First, let me tell you what prayer is: prayer is what bind; is what loose; is what build; is what opens; is what protects; is what transform. And if I get it right, everybody want all what I said ...

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