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Microsoft's wireless headset called HoloLens with a see-through, augmented-reality-type display that will be available this year. Microsoft is partnering with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to bring the HoloLens to scientific research. In order to build the headset, Microsoft created a holographic processing unit to provide the performance necessary to understand where you're looking, what you're saying and what gestures you're making, spatially map your environment

Domain: Computer; Category: Wireless technology

微软的无线耳机用今年将可用透明、 增强现实型显示调用全息透镜。微软正在与美国航空航天局的喷气推进实验室,给科学研究带来全息透镜合作。构建耳机,Microsoft 创建了一个全息处理单元提供的性能必须要了解你在寻找,你在说什么和什么手势你正在做,空间映射您的环境

Domain: Computer; Category: Wireless technology

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