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oxygen battery

The oxygen battery is a bio-implantable device that can be placed inside a person's blood vessel so it continuously releases oxygen into the blood stream to be used by the body's cells. It's a revolutionary technology that enables people to survive without having to rely exclusively on the lung to constantly extract oxygen by breathing air. Oxygen batteries offer many important benefits for the human race as it enables people to survive in water or on another planet where there is no oxygen to support biological life. It also gives a second chance to patients with terminal lung diseases.

The oxygen battery is a breakthrough for civilization; it opens up exciting possibilities by allowing humans to more easily explore new frontiers deep underwater, high in space, or far away on distant planets.

Like Elon Musk's electric car revolution that did away with many of the essential parts of the conventional automobile, the oxygen battery has the potential to liberate the human body from being solely dependent on biological organs to sustain life. In this context, it's similar to the automobile that allows people to move without having to rely exclusively on their legs. Similar to an electric lithium battery, the oxygen battery can last for an extended period and can also be recharged as needed.

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