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Surface Hub

Surface Hub is a Windows 10-powered digital whiteboard aimed at making business meetings more productive. Featuring an 84-inch, 4K touchscreen display, the digital whiteboard allows users to write on it using a stylus pen and an application to view and move around 3D images. Users can view what's on the screen either in a meeting room or remotely on a device connected over the Internet, allowing them to collaborate and make business decisions regardless of their locations. The whiteboard is powered by Microsoft's OneNote, a digital note-taking application, so users can easily save notes in the app or email them.

Microsoft developed the Surface Hub to push deeper into business software and hardware, areas the company has been heavily focused on with a business version of the Windows operating system and the Skype for Business video-conferencing app. The Surface Hub is similar to several digital whiteboards already on the market, including Smart Technologies boards, which can often be found in classrooms.

The wall-mounted Surface Hub incorporates a variety of functions such as Bluetooth, a camera, speakers, a microphone, Wifi, and a motion sensor that detects when a user approachs. Directly from the home screen, users can make a videoconference call, start a whiteboarding session, and connect to personal devices like PCs, tablets and phones.

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