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Famous for its mineral springs, pure air, and beautiful parks, Druskininkai near the borders with Poland and Belarus is the oldest and most elegant of Lithuania’s spa towns. Once a health resort for the elderly and wealthy, it retains much of its Soviet legacy with many examples of dull concrete buildings and monstrous sanatoriums.

Thankfully, the city is transforming itself into a trendy destination, attracting a hip, well-heeled crowd to its upmarket hotels and 21st-century health and wellness centers. In addition to mud baths and mineral springs with curative properties, Druskininkai is home to a handful of interesting museums, elegant buildings, and one of the world’s largest winter entertainment complexes – Snow Arena. Other attractions include Druskininkai Aquapark; a nice family-friendly adventure park; and the strange Grūtas Park – a terrifying Soviet-themed sculpture garden filled with 86 statues of socialist activists, situated 8 km east of Druskininkai.

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