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Dead Mountain

Dead Mountain is a mountain located in the northern Urals which became especially feared after the Dyatlov Pass incident in February 1959 when group of 9 Russian graduates, all very experienced hikers, were found dead two weeks after they had set off. There would be nothing so strange about it, as in the mountains the wintry conditions can dramatically worsen in few minutes, but what was really scary was the state their camp was found. The tent was discovered to be cut from the inside with the hikers belongings left undisturbed. Their bodies were found miles away from each other, most of them barefoot, some of them fully clothed while some of them nearly naked. Some of this group had broken bones and terrible internal injuries but, strangely, no external wounds, not even scratches on the skin. Very strange was also that some of their clothing contained higher than normal levels of radiation. One member of this group was even missing her tongue and eyes…

Soviet investigators closed the case as they didn't find any answers but the fate of this expedition has inspired speculations for over a half century. Till now, some believe that it was an UFO attack, some blame Yetti and the other Soviets and their military experiments. We can't be sure what had exactly happened on the Dead Mountain that fatal night but one is for sure, the mountain have frightened people living nearby for centuries and the name "Dead Mountain" must the mountain have for a reason.

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