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De samengevouwen kern van een massieve ster. Sterren die zeer massieve zijn zal bezwijken onder hun eigen zwaartekracht, wanneer hun brandstof is uitgeput. De ineenstorting gaat zo door totdat alle ...

Domain: Astronomy; Category: Astrometry


Domain: Astronomy; Category: General astronomy

A supernova is a cataclysmic explosion caused when a star exhausts its fuel and ends its life. Supernovae are the most powerful forces in the universe. All of the heavy elements were created in ...

Domain: Astronomy; Category: General astronomy

Electromagnetic radiation of a very short wavelength and very high-energy. X-rays have shorter wavelengths than ultraviolet light but longer wavelengths than cosmic rays.

Domain: Astronomy; Category: General astronomy

A very small, white star formed when an average sized star uses up its fuel supply and collapses. This process often produces a planetary nebula, with the white dwarf star at its center.

Domain: Astronomy; Category: General astronomy

A scale used by astronomers to measure the brightness of a star or other celestial object. Visual magnitude measures only the visible light from the object. On this scale, bright objects have a lower ...

Domain: Astronomy; Category: General astronomy

Radiation zones of charged particles that surround the Earth. The shape of the Van Allen belts is determined by the Earth's magnetic field.

Domain: Astronomy; Category: General astronomy

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