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Zimbabwe was ranked 72 out of 102 in the 2009 Social Institutions and Gender Index. In 2011, the Human Development Index for Zimbabwe was 0.376, placing the country at 173 out of 187 countries. For the Gender Inequality Index Zimbabwe received a score of 0.583, this placed the country at 118 out of 146 countries with data. In 2011, the World Economic Forum ranked Zimbabwe 88 out of 135 countries in its 2011 Global Gender Gap Report, with a score of 0.6607 where 0 represents inequality and 1 represents equality.

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Kazensko pravo dejanje (kodifikacija in reformo) 2006, ki prepoveduje spolno nasilje, vključno posilstva v zakonski zvezi. Zakon tudi prepoveduje namerne prenosa spolno prenosljivih bolezni, vključno ...

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짐바브웨에서는 아들이 초등학교 교육에 관하여 아무 특혜없다는 것에 초등학교 등록에서 성별 동등에 도달했다. 그러나 이것은 아들의 교육이 딸의 교육보다 더 높게 평가되는 것을 보아 성별의 격차는 제2차와 제3차 교육에는 여전히 ...

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The law guarantees women's freedom of movement; however the fear of violence set out in the Physical Integrity section, particularly in the context of political violence, poses a threat to women's ...

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Despite a constitutional equal right to access land, women's access to land in Zimbabwe is undermined by discriminatory practices under customary law. Zimbabwean law recognises women's rights to have ...

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Zimbabwe has reached gender parity in primary school enrollments which indicates that there is no preferential treatment of sons with respect to primary school education. However, a gender gap ...

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The Criminal Law Act (Codification and Reform) 2006 prohibits sexual violence, including marital rape. The Act also prohibits wilful transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. ...

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There are three types of marriage: civil marriage, registered customary marriage and unregistered customary marriage. The legal minimum age for civil marriage under the Marriage Act in Zimbabwe is 18 ...

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