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The term is an adjective and applies in Law, applied as ''Distributive Justice'', thus distribution of Justice, or attribution/attributed Justice; it's when a final irrevocable decision has been issued, after practice of remedies, where applicable, or not where not applicable. For ex. if Appeal Court issues an irrevocable (definite) decision on a crime, as B' Grade Court, where appeal was submitted, then we have ''adjudicated form'', thus if for ex. a crime is repeated, more than twice, on basis of articles and orders of P.C to which applied law corresponds for judging, in this case, and Appeal Court issues an irrevocable decision, say ''life sentence''prisoning, executory right away, then there is no cancellation mostly in this case, unless, this B'Grade Court, has attributed punishment with say up to 3 year suspension of execution of decision, (a while during which) the person X, appealant in this case, to whom decision is addressed, would usually proceed to cancellation to High Constitutional Court, within 3 years in this case, unless else defined IN (present) law. Thus if request of cancellation of decision issued by A.C to High Court, after being delivered, and not only published as issued decision, is accepted, wholly or partly, then we have in this case Irrevocable (Definite) decision of High Court, thus produced adjudication, and distribution of Justice. (The rest 40% only of decision of Appeal, after assessment by High Court is accepted here, and in this case the part of 40& of report of Appeal Court, thus decision, may be assigned by High Court to a Court of B' Grade again for discussion, from another team of Judge of same grade, to decide, and in this case. High Court does not 'override jurisdiction', while if in this case, deciding on their own on 40% of part of content of decision of Appeal Court , it could override possibly jurisdiction depending on justified decision of Appeal Court, based true facts, thus essentially judged in this case. Say here, that if Appeal Court did not use at one part in Appeal a favorable law of retroaction and its orders to judge and issue decision, now Appealant proceeds to High Court, against this decision, and this is not often Jurisdiction of High Court, but this part, being assigned hence to this new Team of Judge of Second Grade, will reassess, after request/application of Prosecutor of High Court and relative comments, justified decision of High Court to Appeal Court in this case,(based on C.C.P) to review, and issue a new decision if possible, (always based on true facts, and continual..'reproduction of legal consequences''if so (then it's up to this new court to convert for ex. now, a crime to penal act, on basis of retroactive law if they have not justified enough their decision in Appeal before), after discussion, till date of adjudication of Cancellation, to this percentage, then we cannot say here, that there has been ''insufficient Jurisdiction'' of Appeal Court, if decision of Appeal Court, is duly justified, and commented, coherently, based on essence, after checking true facts, and further investigation of crime. (C.C.P is the main tool for assessing request of cancellation of High Court, as well but less, in courts of lower Grade, along with used, applied P.C to which laws of C.C.P are adjusted, taking of course in all cases, all factors and any new factor, or a standard factor used in another way..by considering mostly : C.C.P , P.C, any new elements and factors that may rise, assessment of non execution of decision of punishment directly, thus considering applicable laws on suspension, deadlines of submission of remedies, and what legal results will be produced if suspension applies,of applicable C.C.P in each case and use (Relationship between P.C-C.C.P). This and much more, let's note that date of submission/expiry of deadlines, play a crucial role in all remedies. Any time thus, we have an irrevocable decision of competent Court of Jurisdiction, we talk about ''distributive justice'', and such decisions are object of Jurisprudence, thus filed decisions of Courts, that will be used to direct more cases in the future, file of adjudicated case, that produce, ''adjudicated form'' in all above cases, where applicable..High Court tries always to be objective by judging and asssessing cases at final level, and 'avoid' being subective, although this may also happen..for several..reasons each time. Another example of terms using term ''distributive'' is ''distributive finding'', thus in Court of All Grades this refers for ex. to a proof of fact, or proof of evidence, for legal valid document, can be used by judge to distribute justice to either parties. Thus for ex. a legal certificate of an Authority can be used and be favorable for plaintiff, and used in another meaning, differenly for defendant, then it becomes criteria of Judge to base and justify his/her decision. There are also laws, that are used as distributive ones some times: those containing two or three legal rules, that upon being used and applied by judge, can raise conflict between other laws used, and be adjusted to claim of both, plaintiff and defender in a different way, to normalize field of justice and relevant adjudication and decision. Of course this same distributive finding can modify result in remedies mostly after entire, complete audition, (as above)..etc

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